When Identity Matters Most

The identity platform designed to defend against emerging and disruptive threats.

Protecting the Most Critical Infrastructure

Lastwall verifies user identity and prevents unauthorized login attempts to cloud services and IT networks, protecting essential applications and data from credential-based attacks.

Securing the Future of Digital Identity

Lastwall’s mission is to protect democratic institutions by strengthening the cybersecurity posture of government, defense, and critical infrastructure partners.

When Identity Matters Most

Lastwall combines the strongest components of Zero Trust and Public Key Infrastructure into a streamlined, low attack surface identity platform for use in the most contested environments.

Frictionless User Experience

Seamlessly embeds within existing login systems, cloud applications, and user directories. WebAuthn/FIDO2 enabled and Passwordless MFA. Compatible with CAC and PIV cards, and other hardware authentication devices.

Security First Design

Certified to protect third party cloud services and IT networks from credential-based and Multi-Factor Authentication attacks, post-breach lateral movement, and ‘Steal Now, Decrypt Later’ threats in a post quantum environment.

Passwordless Advanced MFA

Non-interceptable passwordless credentials are used in conjunction with the evaluation of hundreds of contextual authentication data points (machine profiling, behavioral analytics, cognitive biometrics) to ensure only authorized users are granted access.

Highest Standards in Compliance

Implement Zero Trust Architecture, harden user authentication systems, and increase data security with a compliance-built platform secured using the NIST SP 800-53 & 800-63 control sets.

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