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The Lastwall platform is designed to prevent credential-based attacks, while also providing a frictionless user experience and simplified IT administration.

Our STory

We exist to be the last wall needed.

Lastwall’s mission is to protect democratic institutions by strengthening the cybersecurity posture of defense, government, and critical infrastructure partners.

Deployed with the U.S. Dept. of Defense, Defense Innovation Unit since 2017, the Lastwall platform was designed with a security-first approach based on the most stringent policies and compliance controls . Our goal is to serve as the protective moat around an organization's users, data, cloud infrastructure, and IT networks.

While most IDaaS providers are oriented toward getting to market quickly with a wide array of integrations and a high software bill of materials (S-BOM), Lastwall was established with the opposite mentality. Our Zero Trust-based platform prioritizes a 'secure to market' strategy, with low-attack surface, unique Public Key Infrastructure created in-house by our talented team of engineers, a low S-BOM, and forward facing threat mitigation related to Quantum Resilience in the face of Store-Now, Decrypt Later campaigns.

With Lastwall, organizations can leverage the power of a solution that mitigates current and future identity-related threats while also focusing on user convenience and IT administrator control and oversight.

Highlight achievements by the numbers

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Certified via third party test conducted by Canada's Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN)

the Lastwall platform...

Demonstrated extensive functional, performance and security features of its zero-trust identity as a service (IDAAS) software platform… [and] can be used with Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) devices, supports public key infrastructure (PKI) based authentication and multi factor authentication for accessing third party cloud services

Effectively protected the access to third party cloud services from the "borrowed/lost/stolen password and 2FA" attack, "lateral movement post breach", and "steal now/decrypt later" attack in a post quantum environment using quantum resilient algorithms.

“Was able to rapidly identify an attack based on Policies/Alert Rules defined by administrative staff and/or security personnel, and force alternative authentication methods on a user to verify identity and send alerts to recipients.”

“Supports Zero Trust and utilizes a secure single sign-on (SSO) service, significantly reducing attack surface. With the Innovation, no implicit trust is granted to assets or user accounts based solely on their physical or network location.“

Our Mission

Defending the fundamental institutions of Western democracy

Lastwall exists to defend and protect the fundamental institutions of western democracy by developing and deploying technologically innovative identity and digital defense services.

Our Values

People First

We foster an environment where people are heard, valued, and supported, forming well-functioning teams built on trust. Diversity, integrity, growth, and a commitment to the right people drive every decision, action, and interaction at Lastwall.

Built for Purpose

With an unwavering commitment to security, we have constructed a company that tackles the most formidable cybersecurity threats head-on, continuously strengthening our defenses to ensure a trustworthy future.

Get it Done

Our approach includes information-forward practices. We embrace transparency, cross-functional communication, and learning from failures; allowing teams to act autonomously in line with our mission and the principles of Gyshido and a bias for action.

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